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Koa (Acacia Koa) ( http://www.instanthawaii.com/cgi-bin/hawaii?Plants.koa) is one of the most beautiful hardwoods available anywhere.  It is a joy to work with “Queen” Koa.  Her beauty is legendary and world reknown.  Those who desire Koa cabinetry are rewarded with a rare elegance.  For those who elect to have Koa cabinets crafted by Baron von App Woodworks, each cabinet is an art piece unto itself, and then situated into a harmonious mosaic of all the cabinets.  Ordinary custom built cabinets with their straight grains and sameness cannot compare with the beauty, look, and feel of Baron von App Cabinetry.  Each time one passes these Koa cabinets, the feeling of the living tree reaches out and demands a touch or smile. 


All elements of the cabinet construction are performed by hand using methods and tools that preserve and enhance the beauty of the wood.  All pieces are hand finished using little-known rubbing techniques that involve approximately 10 separate finishing steps after the piece has been assembled.  The feel of the finished product is developed by these steps.  It is smooth and rich to the touch.  Such elegance cannot be achieved by mechanical processes or in mass produced “custom” cabinet shops. There is no mass production or outsourcing of cabinet elements from Baron von App Woodworking.


Cabinet drawers are only built utilizing dove-tail joinery.  Bathroom cabinet fronts and backs are made utilizing Aromatic Red Cedar (Juniperus virginiana) to provide a fragrance each time a drawer is opened.  Kitchen cabinet fronts and backs are made from Eucalyptus Robusta, a strong dense hardwood.  Cabinet sides are crafted utilizing Poplar (Populus family Salicaceae)  a strong excellent wood to provide contrast and emphasize the lovely dovetail joinery. 

Koa Cabinets (both lower and upper) with Bamboo watermarked glass panelled upper doors

Upper Koa cabinets with Bamboo watermarked glass panels

Koa cabinets  under sink.

Koa bathroom cabinets with Ohia lattice top over acid treated copper under glass. 

The effect is a stunningly rich patena under the lattice.

Koa cabinets in laundry area.

Koa upper cabinets

Koa cabinet doors. Observe the wood patterns in the doors.