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Artistically designed custom, handcrafted, cabinets with soul

At Baron von App Woodworking, we realize the wood we use has been created by a living life form over the past 30 to 40 years.  We honor that living form as we work with each piece of wood.  Every tree has personal characteristics which leave “birthmarks” and “life marks” similar to scars and personal marks each of us have.  We feel we are charged with preserving each piece of this living form in the best possible manner.  When we view rough cut lumber after planning it for the first time, there is a sense of excitement and awe as we observe the beauty and individual characteristics.  The grain, the curls, the fiddleback patterns are unique to each different tree.   There are no imperfections in wood, rather that individual trees’ personal characteristics created by growth and external occurrences.  With each wood creation, we emphasize the individuality of the tree in a way to exemplify the tree’s inner beauty and uniqueness. All of our products are art pieces unto themselves and are exciting to view, touch, and use.


Koa Table

Butcher block crafted from Walnut, Cherry, and Maple

Toy train crafted from Oak and Aromatic Cedar

Koa Cabinets with Ohia lattice top over Copper sheeting under glass